Our Quality Policy

Our aim is to make our company an industrial organization that manufactures products at an internationally competitive level in terms of quality, price and efficiency, that prioritizes customer satisfaction and adopts the principles of continuous improvement.

By adopting that our most important product is QUALITY, we have targeted QUALITY production instead of QUALITY control. We will control our production processes from entry to exit, focus on preventive activities, keep our customer target PPM values below our internal target PPM values and ensure that QUALITY is born during production.

In our company, a staff member is defined as the customer of the previous process and works with the principle of continuous improvement and maximum production efficiency. Each personnel is primarily responsible for Quality and our aim is not to solve problems, but to prevent them before they happen, to detect and eliminate them at the source.

By expanding our training activities for all personnel, we will encourage them to be responsible for their own quality, to adopt continuous improvement and quality phenomenon, and to participate in quality improvement-development activities.

Since our goal is unconditional customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, we will never be satisfied with our work and we will always look for the better and the faulty. To expand our domestic market in the field of Machining, to gain a place in the foreign market, TS IATF 16949: 2016 by fulfilling the requirements of the automotive quality standard, we will increase the number of our customers and product diversity, control our production and quality processes, and set and realize our productivity targets.

General Manager

Based on the fact that the environment is the common asset of all living things, our company is committed to:

+ Comply with all legal and other environmental requirements
+ Establish and continuously improve the environmental management system
+ Establish methods to prevent and reduce environmental pollution before it occurs
+ Ensure the protection of the environment and the efficient use of natural resources
+ Reduce waste generation at its source and ensuring its recovery
+ Increase the environmental awareness of its employees and suppliers
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